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A lot of people aspire to make money online. Without starting a full-blown business, there are a some legitimate ways to make money online. But don’t go in expecting to quit your day job. It requires a lot of time for little pay. But if you are up for it, you can definitely make some side money online.

If you want to increase income from surveys you must register on two websites and work daily few mins on them 



Swagbucks is best way to earn money online. By participating in any number of money-makin

g activities, you can earn points toward a gift card or cash.

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Swagbucks review

Swagbucks is a site that lets you earn points (called SB points), which can be converted into Amazon gift cards and money for doing various online activities such as taking surveys, watching online videos, playing games, and searching.

Earn money on swagbucks

Step by step video guide  

Swagbucks has been around since 2005 and are a subsidiary of Prodege, LLC. Prodege has a few other brands that you’ll probably be familiar with, including MyPoints and ShopAtHome.

As of May 2019, Swagbucks has paid out $343,681,259 in cash and free gift cards to users. Swagbucks is based in El Segundo, California USA.

is swagbucks safe?

Swagbucks is safe. Some people claim they are a scam, but these claims seem to get confused with survey disqualifications and low payouts rates, explained later. Swagbucks has an 8.3 rating out of 12,909 reviews on Trustpilot plafrorm.

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While Swagbucks is a brand of Prodege, they don’t have a Better Business Bureau rating. However, Prodege does have a BBB rating of A−. They have 551 complaints and a low 5-star rating out of 5 with 519 users reviews.


how does swagbucks work:

You aren’t going to be rich or even make enough money to live off by using Swagbucks. Think of it as something better than pocket change.

To give you an idea on earnings, most surveys take around twenty minutes. But you also have to qualify for each survey. Depending on the site, it can take a few mins to fill out a form only to be disqualified, which eats into the number of surveys you can take within an hour. Roughly, expect to earn a little less than a dollar per hour.

At the end of the month, this means a some dollars. For the aggressive and those who have a lot of time, hitting double-digit earnings consistently is certainly realistic.

Swagbucks also has other methods of earning besides those mentioned above. The following are all ways to earn SB points:

Make Money By Referring Friends To Swagbucks

A great way to supercharge your accumulation of SB points is to refer your friends and family to Swagbucks using the customized referral link they provide to you after you sign-up.

When a friend sign up using your link, they get a $5 bonus and you earn 10% of their earnings for life time.

For example, say they earn 5,000 SB points in their first month, you will also earn an additional 500 SB points simply because you referred them… and this goes on for as long as they use Swagbucks.

Sign up for Swagbucks here (and get a $5 welcome bonus!).

Other Ways To Earn Swagbucks

 Swag IQ: Swag IQ is a live fun trivia game app that is owned by Swagbucks. Brands use the app to engage with an audience of over 50,000 players. Players are asked trivia questions and when you answer all questions correctly, you qualify for a grand prize.

Prizes are paid out as SBs and can be redeemed as cash back or gift cards through your Swagbucks account.

Buy Gift Cards: MyGiftCardsPlus is owned by Swagbucks and when you buy your regular gift cards through them, you qualify for some SB points which can then be redeemed as usual. Rewards on gift cards can be as high as 30%!

How To Redeem Your Swagbucks

There are two major options for redeeming your accumulated SB points:

1. You can redeem your points for a gift card from major retailers including Amazon, Walmart, and several others. The gift cards come in various denominations (small and large) and make it easy for you to redeem points frequently.

The gift cards often go on sale section and you could get even more value for your SB. For example, 2,500 SB equals twenty five dollars. However, they often offer a discount, so that 2,200 SB can snag you a $25 gift card at 20% off!

2. You can convert your SB points into cash and have the money sent out to you through Paypal.

3. You can choose to donate SBs to a charity of your choice, including Save The Children, Wounded Warrior Project, Doctors Without Borders, and UNICEF.

Cashback Shopping

Watch Video Clips

Special offers (Swagbucks Discover)

Print Grocery Coupons

If you’re not at your computer, don’t worry — you can still use Swagbucks through their mobile app. When you’re standing in line or just have time to kill, pull out the mobile app and earn a little cash. You’ll need to make sure you have around 20 minutes to spare, depending on the activity.


Add swagbutton on your browser and increase your earning 

Survey tip: When you’re looking through surveys, the best earnings are those that pay the most and take the least amount of time. Swagbucks lets you sort surveys, which makes it easy to find the best value.

Video tip: When watching a video online you can kill two birds with one stone. Watch the video in the background and continue searching or taking a survey in the foreground. This lets you earn points in two different ways at the same time.

swagbucks age limit

Swagbucks don't have any age limit any one can join but you must know the basic phone/computer using knowledge

How Does It Work?

To get started, sign up for free at You’ll get a $5 bonus just for joining.

As mentioned earlier, there are many ways to earn money on Swagbucks. Surveys are most popular, but it’s easy to get burned out on them. Shopping is another famous way to earn points.

Points on Swagbucks are called SB points. SB points can be redeemed for popular gift cards for companies such as Amazon, Target, and iTunes. You can also elect to redeem the same value as a payout to your PayPal account.

Searching websites on Swagbucks can earn you money. First install the Swagbucks button, which is a browser extension. You might receive SB points just for installing the button. You’ll receive one SB point for each day you use the Swagbucks button. The Swagbucks button will display if SB points are available for the site you’re searching on. If you’re going to spend money at a specific retailer, you might as well earn SB points for it. This is where the Swagbucks button comes in.


How many Swagbucks is one dollar?

100 Swagbucks or points is worth $1 and you can redeem your points for gift cards (Amazon, Walmart, Visa, Starbucks, iTunes) and cash.

can you use swagbucks in the uk?

Yes you can use in uk 

can swagbucks be trusted?

Yes they are trusted

does swagbucks pay real money?

Yes they pay real money you can withdraw in wallets 

can you make money on swagbucks?

Yes you can make money 

How do I get 1000 Swagbucks in one day?

When you sign up with a valid Swagbucks referral link, you earn 500-1000 Swagbucks immediately after meeting the eligibility criteria. You can also take one or two surveys to reach 1000 Swagbucks if your welcome bonus is 5 dollars

is swagbucks worth it?

Yes it has worth you can earn a good amount of money from this website

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